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IN3 is bio sanitary pads for dealing drugs vaginal discharge, pain during menstruation, and itching of the female organs. You are confused looking pantiliner pads, bandages and dressings In3 quality bio sanitary pad… ?? confused with regular pads … ?? confused with your feminine problems … ?? Use bio sanitary pads now !! We have ways to overcome the problem of femininity best. Many people offer bandages, dressings and drug problems natural femininity. But if they dare to guarantee the health of the pads they offer? This is what you should consider when purchasing herbal dressings and bandages.

Did you know, a fact that cervical cancer is the NO.1 CAUSE OF DEATH on women in Indonesia! According to WHO, Indonesia is a country with cervical cancer (cervical) 1 in the World and 62% of them resulting from the use Bandages Less Qualified. (source: Newspaper editions ABOUT INDONESIA Thursday, December 24, 2009)

In Indonesia, every day women diagnosed with cervical cancer 40-45 and 20-25 of them died (

Bandages best herbs and the quality needed by the women. Many options sanitary pads, and one of them is qualified sanitary pads In3. In3 very recomended for bio sanitary pads bandage for the crown of women’s health. Bandages aggressively marketed through a network in order to ensure its quality. The market also targeting the market, especially mothers through social gathering or event health education in schools.

The content of the natural bio-energy processing is able to make menstrual blood circulation more smoothly. Menstrual pain can also be reduced with this In3 herbal dressings. Bandages herb contains natural ingredients such as (taken from sources:;

Bandages main herb  In3

1 Mai Fan Shi

1 - iN3 bio sanitary pads

Removes moisture, eliminates odors, absorbs harmful toxic substances.



2 Peppermint

2 - iN3 bio sanitary pads

Prevent uterine cramps, helps regulate irregular menstrual cycle, helps overcome skin irritation.



3. Bing Pian

3 - iN3 bio sanitary pads

Reduce heat, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling.



4. Kuai Mu You

4 - iN3 bio sanitary pads

Helps overcome skin problems, stress, help solve problems and circulatory disorders.



5. Huang Bo Helps reduce whiteness caused by moisture, urinary tract infections, inflammation of the vagina.

6. Pu Gong Ying

Pu%20Gong%20Ying - iN3 bio sanitary pads

Eliminate swelling and anti-inflammatory, helps overcome urinary tract infections in women.



With natural ingredients, natural sanitary napkins In3 efficacious to reduce menstrual pain, clean the blood clots and improving blood circulation during menstruation, during menstruation removes fishy smell, prevent cysts, reduce germs and bacteria vaginal discharge, accelerate blood loss after childbirth to prevent cervical cancer.

If the wearer is no serious problem, while wearing these pads just feels warm. And if it had a serious illness such as vaginal discharge or cyst wearer will feel itchy or hot as a positive reaction that the ingredients in these pads work. And this could be as a detection for the wearer because most people do not know if there is a problem within her health.

According to dr. Rino Bonti Tri Hadma Shanti SpOG, which we quote from, claimed to have found the scientific research on the benefits and safety of herbs so that the pads can not suggest or prohibit its use. If it is not there complaints when wearing and does not contain harmful chemicals, perhaps as herbal remedies are on the market that one should not try.

“My patients also exist that use it, there is also a hives, I suggest that the lack of a suitable stop it because we can not prohibit,” said a doctor who practiced in Sam Marie Healthcare, RS Hermina Djatinegara and Mother Hospital Jakarta.

According to him, the emergence of herbal bandage could be in response because of some sanitary napkins today use recycled materials that would trigger irritation and allergy.

physician graduates of the Faculty of Medicine UI revealed, ideally derived from cotton pads because they do not trigger irritation. But admittedly, the purchasing power of low make cotton pads are less able to reach. A pack of cotton pads on average for Rp 50 thousand to the content of 10 pads.

Dr. Rino Bonti describes a bandage is safe if the user does not feel any irritation or allergy complaints.

No less important is if he thinks women are menstruating should replace the pads 3-4 hours so as not to accumulate too much blood which raises the risk of bacteria.


cropped gbr in3 ok ok1 300x223 - iN3 bio sanitary pads

Various kinds of bio sanitary pads In3. Pantiliner green color, purple color day use (worn during the day), the red color nigt use (evening wear)

Various kinds of bio sanitary pads In3. Pantiliner green color, purple color day use (worn during the day), the red color nigt use (evening wear)

Bandages bio sanitary pads In3 three colors:

1 pantiliner (green color) in daily use when not menstruating. 1 package contains 10 packs (1 pack = 18 pieces) Price @ Rp. 32.000, – / wrap.

2 Night Use (pink color) in the evening use during menstruation and after childbirth. 1 package contains 8 packs (1 pack = 10 pieces) Price @ Rp 40.000, – / wrap.

3 Day Use (Color Purple) in use during the day during menstruation. 1 package contains 10 packs (1 pack = 10 pieces) Price @ Rp 35.000, – / wrap


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